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What really matters in a home inspection?
 Hourglass Home Inspection Inspections
Veteran Owned Small Business
  • Home / Residential Inspections     

  • Roof Certifications

  • Mold and Allergen Testing

  • Air Quality Testing

  • Insurance Inspections

  • Wind Mitigation

  • 4 Point Inspections

  • Foreclosure Inspections

  • Prompt and Professional Reporting   

The business owner and inspector is a U.S Army Gulf War Veteran.
Veteran Owned Home Inspection Business

Phone:   (850) 571-4901

Cell:       (850) 960-1635

Fax:       (850) 248-1635


Home Inspections, Wind Mitigations, 4 Point Inspections, Roof Certifications, and Mold Testing. 

What sets Hourglass apart from all other home inspection services?

Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulations 

License# HI1097     License#MRSA817

Hourglass Home Inspections understands a home is the largest investment most people every make and the purchasing process can be overwhelming.  At Hourglass Home Inspections we inspect every home as if we were purchasing it.  Hourglass Home Inspections is always looking out for our clients best interest, not the seller's, the real estate agents, contractors, or insurance companies.  Here is a list of just a few of the differences.
  • The client's best interest is alway top priority.   
  • The client is always welcome to be a part of the inspection and be present during the inspection.
  • Every inspection is digitally recorded.
  • Every inspection document, photo, and video is kept for 5 years.
  • Hourglass offers"BuildFax." to our clients.  It is like a Car Fax for buildings.  
  • Hourglass is always looking for better ways to serve our clients by using the latest technology (thermal imaging, drones, ect...
  • Hourglass will forward a copy of a wind mitigation or 4 point inspection to insurance companies years after the inspection at no additional charge.
  • Hourglass Home Inspections is more than glad to go over any report with the clients.
  • Photos or videos of all the issues in the home with the location of the issues.
  • The model and serial numbers to the major appliances (where available) at no additional charge.
  • And there are many more differences.. 
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