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4 Point Inspections

A four point inspection is an insurance inspection.  A four point inspection covers roof, electrical, heating and air conditioning, and plumbing.  Insurance companies require a four point inspection on homes older than 20 years.  The purpose of the inspection is for the insurance companies to find out any pre existing issues or updates dealing with these 4 areas of thee home prior to writing a policy on the home.  Some insurance companies may not require a 4 point, but the premiums are going to be more expensive to compensate for the additional liability.  The 4 point inspection must be documented with color photos. 
Here are some of the things that are considered on a 4 Point Inspection:
  • Age of the roof
  • Life expectancy of the roof
  • Roof Permit Information (if possible)
  • Electrical Types
  • Heating and Air Conditioning Age
  • Hot Water Heater Pressure Relief Valve Vented Out of the Home.
  • Type of Plumbing and Age
  • Electrical Service Panels 

Wind Mitigation Reports

A wind mitigation is an insurance inspection.  A wind mitigation can not cost you more money on your insurance.  It can only save you money on your homeowner's insurance. The insurance agents and companies are not required to tell you to get a wind mitigation, but they are required by law to give discounts for features your home has and is documented in a wind mitigation inspection.  A wind mitigation is not a pass or fail inspection.  There are many factors that can get a homeowner discounts on their homeowner's insurance. A wind mitigation is a standardised form in Florida and the photos are required to be in color.  
Here are some of the factors of a wind mitigation.
  • Roof Geometry
  • Roof to Wall Attachement
  • Nail Size
  • Nail Spacing
  • Window Protective Devices
  • Garage Door Wind Load Rating
  • Distance Between the Rafters
  • Roof Sheathing Thickness
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